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TTAutoOps - Standard Punch Report



Automatic emailing of Punch Report

There is an option to create a Punch Report and email the same automatically.

  • Remember to add a schedule in Windows for TTAutoOps. Check google for 'how to add a scheduled task Windows XX ' to get further information based on your Windows version. Replace XX with your windows version.
  • PrepareReports.set file is needed
    • First line would be StandardPunchReport
    • Second line would be the timing (should be lime 10.00) after which the report should be created. No need to set this if TTAutoOps runs only once.
  • In TimeTrack enter the SMTP Mail parameters.
    • First check with the default email (
    • The is only for testing.
    • Immediately change the email server and ID.
    • The email id will not work after a few weeks.
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