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TimeTrack New Installation


TimeTrack New Installation

  • Ensure that the serial numbers are added in our license server
    • If you are not sure, please contact the team which sold you the hardware and get a confirmation from them
  • Install TimeTrack Setup and follow the onscreen instructions. The serial number for the software would be in the ReadMe.txt file. 
    • For Win7/Win8/Win10 systems, ensure that the TimeTrack setup is run as an Administrator.
    • PLEASE DONT INSTALL in the root (C:) Drive.
  • After installing the setup, its always advisable to update it with the latest exe. The exe file can also be downloaded from the above link. Download the exe, unzip it and copy the TimeTrack.exe file to the TimeTrack\Binn folder.
  • To find the Binn folder,
    • Right click the TimeTrack shortcut in the desktop,
    • Select properties 
    • Select Find Target / Find File location
    • and copy and replace the new TimeTrack.exe
  • Right click the TimeTrack.exe and 
    • Select properties 
    • Select Compatibility Tab
    • Check Run this program as a administrator.
    • Click Apply to save
  • Installation is completed. All open folders can be closed.
  • Execute the shortcut in your desktop to run the application.
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