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Data download error - tbl_master_HolidayXX


Data Download Error


  • While downloading punches from the reader, you may get an error message like "Select * from tbl_master_HolidayXX' where XX is some number.
  • This Number represents the year for which the punches are being downloaded and there are no tables in the database for that year.
  • Thats the reason the software is crashing
  • To Solve Downloading Punches from Reader
    • Open the Punch.csv file in notepad and confirm that all the punches are downloaded.
    • Check the date time in the reader is accurate
    • Clear the punches from the Reader
    • Process Text file operations only for the required dates.
  • To Solve Downloading Punches from Text File
    • Ensure that you have selected from and to dates.
    • If the dates are correctly selected then you have not selected the correct format. Select the correct text file format.


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