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Out of Range DateTime Value


Out of Range DateTime Value

While downloading punch data from the reader, if the date value is not correct this error may come. 

Find why the Error happened

  • Open the Punch.csv (or PunchAuto.csv  in case of TTAutoOps) in the punchfiles folder
  • Check the date information.
  • The valid date format is dd/mm/yyyy. There should be an error in this file.
  • Either the date format is wrong or there are some junk dates like the year 2000 or year 2100 etc.
  • Take a backup of punches directly from the reader using PenDrive.
  • Find the error and do the necessary steps to correct it

To process the correct punches

Note: This may not give you all the punches from the reader, but will stop the error. Whatever punches have the wrong date will not be updated.

  • Clear the tbl_trans_punch
  • Download the punch data again.
  • Clear the punches in the Reader.
  • Do textfile operations for the required dates.
  • Only the correct punches will be read and error will not come.



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