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Gatepass Auto


Auto Gatepass

Setup - Set Gatepass Cards 


  • The gatepass cards should be the numbers which are registered in the Reader and it should be entered with leading ZEROS to match your Empcode Digits.
  • Ensure that the employees dont punch duplicate punches while doing Gatepass entries.

Normal Gatepass Cards

  • There may be multiple gate pass cards for different purposes. One for Bank work and one for Branch visit etc.
  • There will be 2 GatePass Cards for Each Reason. Out & In. Out for going out and In would be used while coming IN.
  • The Gate pass cards should be punched before the employee punches his ID card.
  • The Gatepass card should be punched bothways (IN/Out) except in cases where the employee is coming late or goring out early.
  • Coming late for work, Going in between and returning back and going early are taken into consideration.
Reader & Global Gatepass Cards
  • Reader & Global Gatepass cards are to be used in case of bus late etc.
  • Reader Gate pass card applies to the particular Reader (where it is punched) and Global Gatepass Card applies to all employees.
  • To Start Gate Pass punch the IN or OUT card as needed and to Stop Gate Pass, Punch the same card.
  • While processing punches if there is Gatepass Error message, please check the punch file and see if the employee has done all the gatepass punches correctly.

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