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Software Slow


Software Download Process Slow

Software normally downloads the data within a minute and if 1000 employees are there, the data is processed & Muster updated within 3 to 5 minutes.

If the software is slow there maybe multiple reasons for same. Check all the following reasons and correct them. 

  1. Punch data is not being Auto Cleared. 
    • Check your Punch.csv after downloading the data.
    • It should contain punch information only for the last couple of days
    • Else copy an existing set file and rename it as AutoClear.set. Please ensure that the name is AutoClear.set and not AutoClear.set.set.
    • Alternatively you can download the attached file.
  2. Shifts are not being assigned
    • Ensure that shift assignment is done for all the employees.
  3. Database primary key not set
    • The Attenance Database should have primary keys set.
    • In Attendance Database the EmployeeCode and Punchdate should be set as PrimaryKey
  4. Using MS-Access software over LAN
    • Avoid the downloading process over LAN
  5. SQL Server network issues
    • If using SQL Server over LAN, the server may be busy and not respond to you fast. Try Switching over the download process to the server, or install SQL in your local PC.
  6. Latest Exe
    • Please check whether you are running the latest exe. If not take a backup of the current exe and donwload and upadte the new exe.
  7. Employee strength
    • If you are having more than 500 employees its advisable to go for SQL edition. 
  8. PC Configuration
    • While download process is running, go to TASK Manager and check the CPU and PF Usage. PF usage should not cross 50 to 60% .
    • In Case your PF usage is maximum, then you have to increase your RAM
    • Defragement your PC once and then try it out.
    • Move the software and database to a seperate drive (if MS-Access).
After checking all the above points and taking corrective action, if the software is still slow, then please send your Database backup, Set and PunchFiles folder to your support team.

AutoClear.set AutoClear.set

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