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SQL Backup Procedure


Backup Procedure for TimeTrack – SQL Edition

Backup of Database (SQL Server)

If you are not knowledgeable about MS-SQL Server, Contact your system admin. They are the right persons to do this correctly. Please Note: There may be version conflicts if you are backing up from a different version and restoring to one another version. Ensure that you have the same SQL Server version. 

Backup of Application folders

  • Create a backup directory in the PC or in your PenDrive.
  • Right click on the TimeTrack icon on the desktop, select Properties and find location/Target.
  • You will be in the TimeTrack\Binn directory.
    • Copy TimeTrackv3.exe from this directory to your backup directory.

  • Within the main TimeTrack directory (not the Binn), please copy both the following folders (complete folders) to your backup directory
    • PunchFiles directory
    • Set directory

Restoring: After new installation copy the respective files/directories to the respective location



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