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SQL Version Connection Error


Connection Error

When TimeTrack is not able to connect to SQL Server, the software will disconnect or not start and will give an error message saying "SQL Server does not exist or access denied".


  1. Connection Parameters are wrong
  2. SQL Server not accessible.
  3. Firewall is blocking out going connections.

How to Check

  1. Open Ms-Excel
  2. Go to Data -> Import Data -> New SQL Server connection
  3. Enter the SQL Server parameters as displayed in the conn.set file.
  4. If MS-Excel connects to the SQL Server
    • Check if TimeTrack is running under administrator mode
    • Disable firewall and once again start TimeTrack
  5. If Ms-Excle does not connect
    • SQL Server parameters are wrong
    • The Server does not allow you to connect.
    • Only the company's IT Team can check and solve it.


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