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SQL Query Planner


Report Planner – SQL Query Planner

            SQL Query planner gives you direct access to all the tables in the TIMETRACK Database and allows you to run your own queries based on your future needs. To maintain the database integrity and security only SELECT queries are allowed.

            Some tables may not be displayed due to security reasons.



  1. Displays all the tables in the database. Select the table name by clicking on it.
  2. Checking the ‘Fields’ will display all the fields in the table. Results will contain these fields. Select the fields by clicking on it if only some or needed.
  3. Conditions can be set for the query by selecting any field.
  4. =, <>, >, >=, < and <= are the conditions provided.
  5. The values can be set for the conditions. If the value is known the value can be entered. Otherwise checking the ‘List Values’ will display all the unique values for that column. Any one value can be selected.
  6. Select if the records have to be grouped. This provides unique values only. Select any of the listed columns to group the results. Alternatively you can check ‘RemoveSel’ to remove the group by selection.
  7. Select if the records have to be ordered. Select any of the listed columns to order the results. Alternatively you can check ‘Removes’to remove the order by selection.
  8. Click ‘Done’ to display the query in the Query view window.
  9. Further ‘And’ / ‘Or’ conditions can be set. Check ‘And’/ ‘Or’ as desired and repeat the steps 3, 4, 5 and 8.
  10. Test Query to check for it correctness.
  11. Output can be viewed as an Excel file.
  12. The query can be saved. One more pop up menu opens up asking for the query’s name and the saved query is listed in the Query List view.
  13. To reinitialize all the controls and get ready for a new query.
  14. To delete the query, Select the query from the query list and press ‘Delete Query

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