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ZK - Punch/Data download error

ZK unit
  • Test Units works and give the serial number (or) it does not give the serial number and you are sure that the software was working previously in the same PC.
  • Confirmation is received from us that the serial number is updated in the software.
  • Data does not download and says NIL Punches
Option 1: Try switching the reader to a new LAN Cable or bring the reader nearby.
Option 2:
  • Take a backup of the Database, PunchFiles and Set folder.
  • Uninstall TimeTrack
  • Delete the TimeTrack folder
  • Uninstall all software from ZKSoftware and ESSL.
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32 folder
    • Look for files starting with ZKE. There may be 3 files.
    • Delete then
  • Download and install CCleaner from
  • Install CCleaner
  • Start CCleaner
    • Select Registry icon in the left side
    • Scan for issues
    • Select all issues
    • Fix selected issues.
  • Install TimeTrack
  • Copy and replace the database, PunchFiles and Set from your backup
  • Run TimeTrack
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