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Computer Date Format



The date format of the PC is changed and the application is crashing showing that the database table does not exist. The date displayed is in MM/DD/YYYY format.

TimeTrack needs dd/mm/yyyy format, but understands that there are some applications which will work only if mm/dd/yyyy format is available. So TimeTrack can either

  • change the date format permanently OR
  • change the date format while it starts to run and again revert back to the original format when it closes.


Can be any one of the following 3 reasons

  • TimeTrack has set some default wrong format.
  • Any one of your applications is changing the date format.
  • Your central server is changing the date format.


  • Ensure TimeTrack does not have date format issues.
    • Delete the sysdateformat.set in TimeTrack\Set Folder
    • In Computer 
      • If OS is XP and Before - Go to Control Panel -> Regional & Language Settings -> Customize -> Date. Short Date format enter as dd/mm/yyyy.
      • Latest OS - Go to Control Panel -> Clock, Language & Region  -> Region & Language -> Change the date, time or Number format -> Additional Settings -> Date. Short Date format enter as dd/mm/yyyy.
    • Start TimeTrack. Go to Attendance Entry. Date Format would be shown. Download the punches and there wont be any errors.
    • If this fails check the next step.
  • Your server is setting the date format periodically.
    • Change the date format as mentioned in the above setup.
    • Dont  use your PC for may be 30 mts to One hour.
    • Check the date format. If it has changed, your server is syncing the time and its changing the date format.
    • Check the date format after stating the PC first time in the morning.
    • Contact your IT team if the date format changes within 30 mts when the PC is idle.
    • If the date format does not automatically change then go to the next step.
  • Any one of your applications is changing the date format.
    • Identify any applications you open simultaneously with TimeTrack and avoid opening the applications.

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