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Software Crashes
Software crashes while Reader-Operations Menu is clicked
Software crashes while downloading punches
Software Menu (Employee, Attendance) Crashes
Crashes Before entering Password
Crashes after entering password
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Punch/Data Download Error
ZK - Punch/Data download error
Multi-step operation Error
Data download error - tbl_master_HolidayXX
Reader Operations Menu does not open
Out of Range DateTime Value
TimeTrack General
Computer Date Format
Auto Shift
Reports Creation Error
Employee's do not appear in EmployeeMenu
Software Slow
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Upgrade TimeTrack - Installation of new setup
Time Track Reinstallation
TimeTrack New Installation
Add Readers / Hardware Devices
License file creation / validation
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Employee Master Import
Shift Import
Payroll Import - User Table Import - Basic Import
Upgrade Issues
Upgrading from Attendance to Payroll
SQL Server Version
Database connection - SQL Server - Windows Authentication Mode
SQL Server version - Installation at Multiple PC's
SQL Version Connection Error
Using Windows Authentication
SQL Server Backup
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Planners - SQL Query \ Letter \ Reports
SQL Query Planner
Email PDF Files to individual employees
Logo in Letter Planner
Enable Totals
DLL/OCX Issues
Punch Entry - Leave Balance edit
Mailbee DLL
TTAutoOps crash - Fathcrypt
Dual Database
Dual Database
Payroll Implementation
Upgrade from Attendance to Payroll
License Issues
License/Key File Invalid. Memory Error etc
License Issues
Key Files
Change Company Name
MySQL Connection
TTAutoOps - Standard Punch Report
Leave Year
Leave Year April to March
Readers Info
ZK InBio Multi door controller

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