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Primary Key


Add primary key to an existing table

  • If for any reason, the primary key is removed from the table, executing a query will add the primary key to the table.

ALTER TABLE tbl_trans_Attendance20 ADD CONSTRAINT PKAttendance20 PRIMARY KEY (EmployeeCode,PunchDate)


  • Ensure that the columns are NOT NULL before executing the query.

  • If its NULL, first execute the following queries to make it NOT NULL

ALTER TABLE   tbl_trans_Attendance20 ALTER COLUMN  EmployeeCode NVARCHAR(20) NOT NULL

ALTER TABLE   tbl_trans_Attendance20 ALTER COLUMN  PunchDate [smalldatetime] NOT NULL


This is a sample for tbl_trans_Attendance20. Remember to modify this and PKAttendance20 as per the year for which the primary key need to be added



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