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ZK InBio Multi door controller


Software Setup for ZK Multi bio reader.

  • Please intimate the controller serial numbers one day in advance. This works only in TTAutoOps. There is no direct communication with the readers. Punch data is taken from the ZK Database. 

  • ConnZKMulti.set will contain the path to the ZK Database.

  • Add the controller as ZK Multi Door in TimeTrack. 

  • The next controller should have an IP numbering +3 then the first controller.
    • ie if the first controller IP is, next controller should have

  • Assuming the first controller serial number is OIN234324 and IP is, its second door should be  OIN234324A (an extra A) with as IP, the third door would be  OIN234324A (an extra B) with 

  • Ensure that the last 3 digits of the IP Address do not have a leading zero, either in TimeTrack or in ZK Software  

  • Once all the above is done, log into our web license and add the serial numbers of all doors. 

  • Then follow the normal procedure as per other readers.

  • NOTE: Will work only with TTAutoOps. Data can't be downloaded in TimeTrack. Punch data from the database will be auto cleared.
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