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Virus - False Positive


Virus Scanners - False Positives

  • We use only reputed third party DLL/Activex files 
  • Our development PC is well insulated and firewalled.
  • Our application is encrypted,  and checksums are tested while its run and even if any virus infects our application after uploading to the web (even in your PC or while being copied to a pen drive), the TimeTrack application will not execute.

So we can categorically state that TimeTrack does not have a virus payload or even if infected at any of the end users it will not execute.

In spite of all the above, we find very often that some Virus Engines mark TimeTrack as positive ie Unsafe / Suspected.

This not only happens to TimeTrack. This is an accepted factor of virus engines and from time to time even world-renowned names do get affected. You can see the following Wikipedia article


Reasons for False postive

TimeTrack may be marked as a suspect for any one of the following reasons.

  • TimeTrack is not digitally signed. Since we are an OEM and do 99% of the installation through our associates we preferred not to have our name in the software. But in the current scenario, a digital signature is becoming a must to avoid these false positives and we will be doing it shortly.
  • TimeTrack communicates outside of the network and any software which communicates outside of the PC is a suspect. We communicate outside of the PC 
    • To download punches from networked readers.
    • We have Email server and FTP built in for emailing reports and transferring our license file.
  • TimeTrack is encrypted.
    • TimeTrack is encrypted including on the fly and real-time memory encryption.
    • We have implemented a few techniques to avoid reverse engineering including PE file / entry point obfuscation etc. 
    • We have implemented a few anti-tampering techniques.
    • All the above raises many false positives for a few virus engines.
    • Our software also uses Software Taggant to differentiate ourselves from malware.
    • Since some virus engines can't understand this fully, it marks TimeTrack as a suspect.


Is the result same for all Virus Engines


Once again we like to affirm that TimeTrack is a 10-year-old software which is running in 6000+ organizations, many are corporate behemoths of India. We guarantee you that the results you are getting from a few Virus Scanners are false positives and TimeTrack is not infected by any Virus or does not contain any back door. 

TimeTrack_VirusTotal_Scan.JPG TimeTrack_VirusTotal_Scan.JPG

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